Ants In My Pantry!


The number one pest call this spring is for help getting rid of those, “darn ants”, with bed bugs running a close second. That’s an article for another day!

The first thing I ask myself as a pest control professional upon investigating a customer’s home for ants is, “Why are the ants inside and not outside?” What is attracting the ants to the homeowner’s kitchen? Ant colonies send out foragers to search for food and water. They can establish a satellite colony in your home if they find these conducive conditions.

Sanitation is key to keeping ants out of your home. Here are some tips:

• Kitchen should be crumb-free.

• Check cupboard, pantry, behind stove, dishwasher for crumbs and/or sticky spillage.

• Keep trash cans clean. (inside and outside cans)

• Caulk and seal all cracks and crevices.

Try to locate the trail that the ants are taking. Find out where they are coming in at and seal that entry point.

There are consumer products a homeowner can purchase to repel the ants and kill on contact. Research the product and read the label carefully. However, most consumer products are repellents and, although will kill the ant on contact, can also repel/chase the ants away temporarily. Pest Control Professionals have products that act as a residual and are usually required when a homeowner has been fighting ants for quite some time. Do not attempt to use restricted use products on your own. Ladybug Pest Management of Delmar, DE will be happy to offer a free and fair estimate to get rid of those “darn” ants once and for all.

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