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Having planned and hosted numerous children’s parties I know first hand how much energy goes into those fine details that make it extra special. The most memorable birthday parties are the ones where you as the parent are also able to enjoy yourself. To accomplish this without running around during the entire party the best advice I can offer is to not try and do everything yourself and to plan ahead. If there are older siblings or family members willing to help assign them specific tasks to make your day a lot less chaotic. Depending on your child’s party size and location you may need to start your planning as early as 2-3 months in advance. If you are a detail oriented person and like to have everything down to the thank you cards coordinated with your party theme then early planning is essential.

Invitations should go out at least 3-4 weeks prior and should always include an RSVP phone number and RSVP date. If your party date is approaching and you haven’t gotten the RSVP’s you expected, your best bet is to plan for less and prepare for more. Have a few extra goody bags handy in case unexpected children show up or you get last minute RSVP’s.

There are several cost-saving ways you can plan a wonderful party for your child. If you are planning a party with a common theme there are a variety of options of pre-packaged party goods available at local party supply and discount stores. The best way to make your child’s party stand out from the typical “Pirate” or “Princess” party is to also include some customized or hand crafted décor. This could be as simple as creating labels on the computer for tags on the goody bags. For something like a Princess theme you could create your own castle backdrop using butcher paper or cardboard and paint. One benefit of planning a home-based party is that you have all the time you require to set up and decorate in advance. However if you are renting a venue your decorating and set-up time will be limited to the given time constraints. Before booking an outside venue check to see what restrictions they may have on decorating such as prohibiting tape on walls, hanging anything from the ceiling, etc. If you find yourself with limitations such as these you may need to reconsider your décor. Instead of taping a birthday banner to the wall, set up an easel and place a large happy birthday sign on it. If you want to get fancy you could even frame the sign.

Your creativity in the details will make your party unique and memorable for the birthday child and guests alike. However, if you are not the do-it-yourself type or just don’t have the time and prefer an easier hands-free approach then hiring a professional may be an option for you. Your child will still get the great memorable party, and you will not have to do any of the work.

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