Finding the Best DJ or Band for Your Wedding


The #1 budget mistake the future bride and groom is to spend the bulk of their budget before choosing a DJ or Band for their reception. When the budget is nearly exhausted they begin shopping for music for price, this is cardinal sin #1.

When you shop for price and not quality you are jeopardizing the entire success of your reception. Did you know the average DJ/Band will have to entertain for at least 5 hours. If the Bride looks beautiful at the church and the food was great it will all be forgotten if you hire inadequate professionals. The last thing your guest’s will remember is the entertainment. If that does not go well they consider the Whole Wedding a failure!!

The DJ has the smallest % of expense on the budget compared to all of the other expenses of a Wedding. Don’t make this mistake. A quality DJ is probably $200.00 more than an average or beginner DJ. That comes to less then 1/4 of 1% of your total budget. Hire a DJ with at least 15 years experience and specializes in Weddings. You will see a difference!

Make sure you have the DJ Company put in the contract who your DJ will be! Make sure they have insurance of a least $1,000,000 liability to protect you in case of an accident. Make sure they are licensed as well.

Good Luck on your Wedding!

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