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There are many valuable resources available to help newly engaged couples plan their wedding. Some of these include; magazines, books, online forums, and the advice of friends. While each of these resources may provide valuable information, one should be cautioned in viewing any specific resource as the absolute authority. This is especially true when considering a photographer to document your wedding day.

After you have narrowed down your list of potential photographers, what should you do next?

An internet search is a good start. Photography is a visual experience and browsing
online galleries of images will quickly tell you if a given photographer warrants further consideration.

Next, solicit the advice of friends. Who did they use? Would they recommend hiring their photographer? Learn what went right, and what they would do differently. Regional and local bridal guides are also very helpful in keeping up with current trends, and often provide a list of pertinent questions to ask your photographer when you meet.

When meeting with photographers, you will want to get a good sense of their work, their personality, and determine how that matches what you are looking for. You should look at albums, a series of prints that show a full wedding (looking for consistency throughout the day), and final prints. You will also want to assess the demeanor and professionalism of the photographer. You should have a list of prepared questions for each photographer meeting and you can use the responses to these questions as a measurement of the photographer. A wedding day is often busy and stressful and you need to feel confident that this individual has the ability and experience to deal with this, and deliver the photographs that you expect.

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