To get the most out of any Gourmet Candle you must follow proper burning procedures. First of all you should choose a jar candle that is double wicked because they tend to burn more evenly than the single wicked jars, which tend to burn straight down the middle. If you have paid top dollar for a name brand candle, the last thing you want to do is throw half of it out because the wick has burned down but the candle hasn’t.

Secondly, only burn a candle for two to three hours at a time. This is plenty of time for the scent (if it’s a good candle) to permeate the home. That’s really all you need if you are having company. Light it one hour before entertaining guests, and blow it out an hour or so after they arrive.

Thirdly, before relighting your candle trim the wick to 1/4 of an inch, this also helps the candle burn evenly and reduces the amount of soot being released into the air and onto the jar. It is an environmentally friendly decision to purchase all natural candles and you won’t have soot on the jar or in the air. A lot of people do not realize that if the black soot is collecting around the top of the jar it is also being dispersed into the air, which can contribute to allergy problems.

In addition there are many things you can do with the excess candle. So don’t throw them away.

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