The Candle Caterer

Catering to you, one scent at a time.

We are Candle Caterers, catering to you, one scent at a time! Are you celebrating a special occasion, a birthday, an anniversary or a new job?  Are you expecting guests for the weekend?  Are you just relaxing at home or want to experience a great day at work?  Let The Candle Caterer cater to you! Celebrate your special event and indulge yourself with our scent collections.  You can enjoy familiar classic scents or the scent of sweet indulgences.  The choice is yours!

The Candle Caterer offers a wonderful selection of handmade products that will delight your senses.  By using soy wax combined with richly scented fragrance oils, we offer a great alternative to burning candles with our collection of Flameless Candles, Clamshell Melts and Bakery/Dessert Style Melts.

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