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The Evolution of Space

Peter E Designs is an architectural interior design firm providing a complete, start to finish service – transforming spaces into functioning and highly personal environments. Our clients are busy professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees seeking to create homes that are reflective of their souls. We want our completed designs to nurture, pamper and imbue a finer quality of living for our clients, their families and their guests. This can also include business environments that echo the drive, values and passions of their company, testifying to its success. We take great pride in the high quality of our services, the long endurance of our materials used and the human sincerity we bring to all of our professional interactions.

We evolutionize spaces!

The physical environment is our key center of attention, greatly enhancing our experience and quality of living.

People’s environmental challenges inspire my design solutions. At Peter E. we create spaces that increase productivity, provide replenishment, encourage fellowship, infuse calm and maintain comfort. Pivotal to our design process are your beliefs, ideals, taste, idiosyncrasies and how you live. Seamlessly morphed in all our designs are the following principles:

1. FUNCTION – “A building is a living machine.” Le Corbusier
Our spaces are crafted for purpose and style. They function while complimenting the way you live, work, entertain and relax. They become extensions of you, your values, ideals and way of life.

2. SUSTAINABILITY – The capacity to support, maintain and endure
We provide materials and finishes based on their specific strength to match your unique needs. These elements include ease of maintenance, durability, value, code compliance, building safety and environmental health. They are purposefully suited to your location, use, lifestyle and budget.

3. AESTHETICS – “Less is more.”
We excel in the simplicity of design, elegance in arrangements, order in layouts and clean lines. Our environments are conceived to engage the mind, body and spirit. They possess their own personalities that support, pamper and interact with you.

4. VALUE – Quality, worth and satisfaction surpassing a quantitative sum
We use our professional relationships with Building Professionals, Tradesmen, Suppliers, and Artisans combined with our professional communication, our knowledge of building laws, materials and construction practices to help save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and maximizing the value of your investment.

5. LONGEVITY – A durable well designed space, engenders quality living and walls filled with decades of memories!
Our Timeless Durable Designs forge beautiful, functioning spaces that defy time. Cook, entertain, converse, relax, share passions, love and memories in an intimate space for years to come.

6. UNDER-DESIGN – It’s not a museum – it’s the stage where your life unfolds.
Our spaces are magazine worthy. They’re visually arresting, yet practical and comfortable; a reflection of you. They are designed to be lived in. They invite, nurture, rejuvenate, inspire, and even withstand your abuse. They appeal to your senses and fuel your lifestyle.

Make an appointment today to see how we can implement these elements to help your space enrich your life. Or feel free to simply call us with any questions.

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