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Are You a Delaware Valley Small Business Owner, Searching for Support for Your Unstable, Slow Computer Network?

If so, you’ve come to the right place… from laptop repairs to network administration to security training, we do it all!

Furthermore, we’ve turned off the Surprise Meter – that traditional hourly meter that can cost you an undetermined amount every time you need support. No more Surprises!

Our core services include the Design, Installation, Maintenance, Service and Repair of computer networks for small and medium sized businesses in Delaware and the surrounding areas. Then, since prevention is so much better than any cure, we monitor those networks 24 X 7 to keep you, and us, informed about exactly what is going on inside your system. Our monitoring software agent gives us a clear, precise and comprehensive inside view of your entire network functions.

In most cases we know about a problem and can correct it remotely before it actually affects your operation. In almost every instance, you would never have known a problem existed if not for the comprehensive daily report you receive from our operations department. Our clients tell us how this proactive approach benefits their organizations: The list runs from reduced costs and simpler budgeting to less downtime and increased productivity; however many confess that the greatest benefit is the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing their systems are secure, backed-up and running at maximum efficiency.

All of our work carries a 100% money back guarantee. In fact, if your fully monitored system goes down for any reason, we will provide the labor required to get you back to normal operations with absolutely no additional charges to you.

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