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deeR client… Hair Salon is a family oriented business with passion for what we do. Renee and Ann have created this atmosphere with 30 plus years of experience in the industry creating the best styles and looks. We will always utilize education to keep our creativity and artistic talents fresh, which will ensure that all of our guests will get 100% of our strive and attention to detail to make them beautiful.

About the name deeR client… Hair Salon; we chose to use our last name backwards, which spells deeR because our clients are dear to our hearts. Clients are family, friends and loved ones. The work we create with our clients is an ongoing relationship that can last a lifetime because not only do we make our clients feel good on the outside, we are happy to make them feel good on the inside with a great experience with each visit.

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  1. No male should let Courtney Scott cut their hair!

    The stylist I am complaining about it Courtney Scott.

    So I wasn’t even going to write a review I was going to chalk it up to the girl being inexperienced but I seen she blocked me for nothing because I didn’t even say anything to her. So now let’s explain what she did to me. I dated a stylist for 6 years also mind you and I was self taught along with being taught by one of Delaware best barbers Ronald Eckert how to cut hair. So I message her and tell her exactly what I wanted. A half guard taper blended up to a scissor cut on top. She sits me down in her chair and puts a #1 guard on and starts chopping off my hair. Instead of stopping with the #1 guard at the top of the sideburn where a temple taper should stop and start blending into the hair on the side of my head she cuts the #1 guard all the way up past the point of my box on the side of my head. So I let that slide and figured (well no taper for me today I guess I’ll take the #1 blend to the scissor cut. Well she takes the #2 guard and brings it up even farther not even blending the line between the #1 and #2 and leaving hardly any room to blend the long hair on top to the side of my head. On the other side of my head (the right side) she has it about a half inch lower than the left side where she mangled my hair already. She was taking length off the top of my hair (mind you I told her a half inch trim off the top and she takes damn near two inches off the top cutting all my curls out of my hair) So on the left side of my hair it’s a high and tight and the right side it’s basically a drop fade. I specifically tell her I don’t like thinning sheers used on my hair and what does she do? Starts chopping at my hair with thinning sheers so I stop her take the towel out my neck, take the cape off and leave. I end up having to drive back to Cecil county to where my ex Katelyn works and had to have her fix the trash this woman did to my hair. I have thick curly hair and by time she would have been done with it I wouldn’t have had any hair left. I walk through the doors of the salon my ex works at in tears with what this woman did to me and she sat me down and it took over a hour to fix it. My hair is so short now it’s the only thing my ex could do to fix my hair and be able to blend it all after this woman completely destroyed my hair. So now I’m rocking a slick back #1 on the sides and about a inch and a half of hair on top when I came in with at lease three inches of curly hair on top. The stylist who did this to me is Courtney Scott btw and of you are a male I do not suggest you ever let this woman cut your hair. She was point cutting to take length off the top of my head of hair. Point cutting into the length of my hair and cut herself while she was doing so. This woman is so inexperienced someone needs to take her to barber school to learn her how to do men’s hair because what she did to me was careless and just shows she has no idea how to cut a mans hair. Like I said I was going to let it slide and chalk it up to her being inexperienced but she blocked me as if I did something to her. So now I do not recommend this salon and I surly do not recommend and male let Courtney Scott cut your hair. Last thing, as I was leaving she didn’t even try to help me fix it or try to work with me she just said “well alright” and watched me walk out the door. It was close to 3:00 pm the time she got off so she didn’t care she just wanted to leave work. I forgot to mention she dropped her Osters clippers from about 5 feet in the air out of her cubby onto the tile floor so now those are for sure out of balance and the guard that flew off is also out of balance and will probably be cutting people now. Thank God my ex was kind enough to fix my hair today when I came I because of it wasn’t for her I’d still have a huge mess for a hair cut on my head. Thanks you Katelyn Rothwell for fixing my hair. You are a wonderful woman, a saint and a Goddess for being able to fix what this woman Courtney Scott did to my hair. I hope that 50 I gave you was payment enough for having to figure out how to blend everything together and keep the length of hair I walked away with.

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