Tips for Preparing for a Beach Portrait Session


Clothing choices:
It is advisable to wear coordinating colors, and solid colors are usually better choices than prints. Most people photograph well wearing white (or matching pastel) shirts and khakis or jean shirts and white pants. Make sure that your clothing choices are appropriate for candid shots-in other words, nothing that needs to be tucked in or fixed every time. Guys…barefoot is preferable, but if you must wear shoes please wear sandals or flip flps. Tennis shoes and/or socks are unacceptable.

Hair and Makeup:
Be aware that when you are photographed you on the beach, the wind is almost always a factor to consider. It is breezy on the beach, so either wear lots of hairspray or tie your hair back. Try not to wear too much makeup. Remember that you are at the beach.

Try to schedule your portrait session at the beginning of your vacation. There are several reasons for this. All sessions are ‘weather permitting’. Scheduling early gives the photographer time to reschedule if they have to because of the weather. You are not going to be pleased with your portrait if you are too sunburned, which is more likely to happen as you vacation for several days on the beach. Keep sunrise or sunset in mind as the best times to schedule a portrait session. Sunset is always preferable. If you are able to schedule your session early in your vacation, you may be able to view and approve your proofs in plenty of time to reschedule a session if you are not happy with them. Most photographers will provide a free makeup session in you are not satisfied. Although proofs can be viewed and purchased online at most photographer’s web sites these days, it is always nice to see the actual printed proofs before you buy prints.

Additional Tips:
Relax, have fun, and make sure that your photographer uses a variety of poses so that you are able to choose from not only the traditional poses but also from some candid and/or unusual ones. Remember that this session is usually a time when family members from near and far gather to make this a special occasion. It will be a time that will be cherished for years to come, as it will most likely be displayed somewhere prominent in your home for all to enjoy.

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