4Ever Erin
Multi genre Delaware bands – from Rock to Celtic, Bluegrass to Blues, Country & more.
105 Salem Church Rd, Newark, Delaware 19713

Al Turner
The Bass Burner
Bear, Delaware

Bad Betsy
Official site for Delaware singer, songwriter Iggy Taylor
P.O. Box 4, Hockessin, Delaware

Bad Sneakers
A Delaware rock band that released three albums in the 1980s.
119 School Rd, Wilmington, Delaware 19803

Chesapeake Brass Band
British style 35 piece brass band.
P.O. Box 172, Hockessin, Delaware 19707

Crabmeat Thompson – Fice Recording –› Quick Tips
Delaware’s favorite and funniest songwriting entertainer
PO Box 360, 482 Brick Mill Rd, Middletown, Delaware

Dockta D
High energy – hard driving Delaware Blues Band
PO Box 762, Claymont, DE

Fat Daddy Has Been
Wilmington, Delaware

The First State Symphonic Band
Wilmington, Delaware

Group Therapy Band
Wilmington, Delaware

Jesse Garron’s Tribute to Elvis
Jesse’s Vegas-style rendition is a consistent fan favorite that draws audiences in from the minute he walks on stage and leaves them standing at the end of the performance. Jesse sings the songs that cross three generations of rock, pop, gospel and oldies music so his act has universal appeal. Jesse, backed by the Jesse Garron Band, is the most authentic recreation of an Elvis concert available in today’s market.
32 W. 3rd St, New Castle, DE 19720

Lois Young & Friends – Young Songs Entertainment
127 Tyre Ave, Newark, Delaware 19711

Newark Symphony Orchestra
PO Box 7775, Newark, Delaware 19714

Planete Folle & Crazy Planet Bands
Home of Vic Sadot’s Music Projects: Planete Folle, Crazy Planet, Vic Sadot Solo, Bayou Wedding Band and Traditional Cajun Trio
Newark, Delaware

Venom Blues
It’s all about the music.
1812 Graywell Rd, Wilmington, DE 19803

Kent County

Tad Jones Harbor Town Band
Island Country Rock
134 South Shore Dr, Dover, Delaware 19901

Sussex County

Rehoboth Beach Bandstand
Open-air concert venue showcasing local musical performances and Delaware bands to international showcases.
1 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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Band Advice from the Experts

Riding the Long Tail To Sales

There’s a book out by Chris Anderson titled The Long Tail, his term for certain species of increased sales opportunities on the internet. Anderson noticed (and you might have, too) a major change in the way music sales work. Previous market research dictated the 80/20 rule, meaning 80 percent of your sales come from 20 percent of your product. This explains why record stores are loathe to stock local artists – they take up valuable space that could be used for more Britneys, Beyonces, and Beatles, the three Bs, the 80 per-centers.

But, just as the internet has changed the political debate, it’s changed the way people buy – especially music, books, and video. A brick and mortar store can only stock so many CDs, but an online merchandiser can stock millions of digitalized tunes. Rhapsody, for instance has a library of 1.5 million songs. Sure, U2 will sell the most songs, but Anderson was surprised to find out that about a million of those other songs sell at least once a month! And this is “the long tale.”

Of course that means nothing to the editors of Billboard, but it means millions to Rhapsody, so it is to their advantage to list as many artists as they can. Artists like you!

About the Author: Crabmeat Thompson is CEA (chief executive arthropod) of Fice Records, a singer-songwriter-entertainer-humorist, and recipient of a 2007 Fellowship from Delaware Division of the Arts. His columns sometimes appear in Out & About magazine.

Recording and Reproduction Has Never Been Cheaper and Easier

Derek Sivers at CDBaby.com started Hostbaby.com, which provides templates and hosting and advice. My website is a Hostbaby template. More about CDBaby later.

I finished my first CD recording seven years ago, and since then I have brought out five more. Three of these are new projects. The other two were recorded previously: one was a cassette release from the late Eighties, and the other was a recording of a live concert which the producer convinced me was good enough to just put it as-is onto CD.

Why not? Recording and reproduction has never been cheaper and easier, and though brick-and-mortar stores are going out of business, the opportunities are endless, and often free, for distribution on the Net. Even big-name stars are going for smaller venues with a lot of play over the Web. For instance, Paul McCartney’s latest was on Starbuck’s label, and all the stores premiered it at once. That’s millions of listeners to his release party!

Many complain about the changes in the recording market, but they’ve been all positive for me. I never could deal with the sort of egomaniacs who are all-too-powerful in the record and radio industries, so I do all the work myself and keep all the money. It’s not much, but it’s steady, and it’s growing. And now I have help.

I do my recording with Marc Moss, my friend and producer for years.

I send the product to Oasis CD, exclusively, for packaging. I’ve looked around a lot, and Oasis charges about the same as everybody else – around $1000 for 1000 CDs. Difference is, Oasis does it all: shrink wrap, bar code, templates to load your stuff, telephone support; and then they put one of your tunes on a compilation CD and send it to dozens of radio stations and clubs. I even got a call from the Birchmere, where Emmy Lou Harris and Nickel Creek play! The guy didn’t hire me, but he referred me to the Tin Angel, which did. Oasis also gives you free access to CDBaby and Sonic Bids.

Which leads me to CDBaby. I Love CDBaby! Get your CD on CDBaby. This guy Derek Sivers had a successful band and to help out friends started an online sales store, Now that he’s successful at that he and bunch of other Portland hippies stock and sell your CDs at enough profit to stay in business and enjoy life; but they are quite fair and actually cheap. It’s $35 or so to set up a page to sell your CD, and they do the work and you get most of the money. They’re helpful, too. They’ve hooked me up with 53 different digital sales platforms and I sell individual downloads all over the world. I have been getting weekly airplay in Alabama for over three years because a guy liked one of my tunes he heard on the Internet. I get deposits or checks a couple times a month – not a lot but steady and growing. Mostly because of CDBaby.

I just sent CDs to two “Americana” stations in Belgium. I think that was probably an Oasis referral. Boy, would that be a gas! European summer tour.

About the Author: Crabmeat Thompson is a former rake and a well-known balladeer and raconteur on the Winterthur / Dover Downs / Everglades / Madrid / Dublin / Missoula circuit. His records on the FICE label are available from CDBaby and he can be reached at crabmeat [at] crabmeat.net or (302) 378-1327

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