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Hentkowski Inc.
Your Key To Comfort
3420 Old Capitol Trail, Wilmington, DE

Boulden’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
“Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime.” ™
714 Interchange Blvd, Newark, Delaware 19711

Burns & McBride Energy
Unrivaled heating and cooling maintenance
105 S. Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Charles S. Reskovitz, Inc.
Family owned and operated since 1946, offering plumbing, heating, air conditioning services to residential, commercial and industrial properties.
PO Box 5068, Wilmington, Delaware 19808

Cochran Oil Company
Heating and air conditioning repairs and installs, plumbing, new sewer lines, drain cleaning, hot water heaters.
229 Hillview Ave, New Castle, Delaware 19720

Hentkowski Inc.
Your Key To Comfort
3420 Old Capitol Trail, Wilmington, Delaware 19808

Horizon Services, Inc.
Serving all of New Castle County.

J.F. Sobieski Mechanical Inc.
HVAC Delaware
14 Hadco Rd, Wilmington, Delaware 19804

Jos. Frederick & Sons
810 Stanton Rd, Wilmington, Delaware 19804

Mr Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning
Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Contractor
113 Tartan Dr, Elkton, MD, 21921

National Duct & Chimney Cleaning Company
Air Duct Cleaning, Chimney Cleaning, and Dryer Vent Cleaning services
205 Margit Ct, Newark, Delaware 19711

Schagrin Gas
1000 N. Broad St, Middletown, Delaware 19709

Summit Heating and Air Conditioning --› Quick Tips
Your Comfort Is Our Job
P.O Box 50, Townsend, DE 19734

Delaware HVAC Specials
Delaware Home Improvement

Sussex County

Custom Mechnical Inc.
Road 370 & 384, Bethany Beach, Delaware 19930

Dr. Energy Saver Delaware
Dr. Energy Saver Delaware provides home energy audits to Delaware & Maryland.
P. O. Box 228, Milton, DE 19968

Northeast Heating & Air LLC
Heating & Air conditioning ~ "Comfort in your home year round"
2405 South Bayshore Dr, Milton, Delaware 19968


HVAC Advice from the Experts

'Tis The Season To Change Your Filters!

Changing the filter in your HVAC system is one of the least expensive, easiest, and yet one of the most important things to do when it comes to routine maintenance and preservation of your system. Changing of the filter should happen once every 30 days, ideally. Filters are relatively inexpensive and can be found in most stores that carry home improvement items such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc.

While the process of airflow through your HVAC system is simple enough to understand not everybody has a clear understanding and/or they just don’t think about it. When your system is running in the spring and summer months it is pulling air from the inside of your home and through the filter, cooling it, and then pushing it through the ventilation into each room of your home. The air is then recycled through the return vents and goes through the same process until the inside temperature of your home reaches what it was set to, at which point it shuts off. Your system will continue to cycle this way as temperatures fluctuate and each time it cycles on and pulls air from inside your home it is also pulling in dust and pollen that was let in through windows and doorways, and carried in on your clothing from the outside, which is then caught by the filter. Some people will spend the extra money for a filter that promises to catch more of these allergy offenders thereby reducing or even eliminating allergic reactions within the home, providing more comfort. While these filters may help with one’s allergies they also inhibit airflow within your HVAC system. A regular filter is the same as one that reduces allergens. The difference is the size of the holes in the filter. By having smaller holes in the filter you are able to catch smaller particles and allow less to pass through. The particles stay on the filter and over time build up until the filter is removed and cleaned or replaced. As they build up on the filter they begin to restrict air flow. Take a kitchen sink strainer for example; there are two different kinds of strainers. One strainer has large holes and the other is more of a mesh. If I were to pour a pot of broccoli and water into the sink while using the large holed strainer the water would quickly drain but some of the smaller particles from the head of the broccoli would go through the strainer and down the drain as well. If I were t!o do the same thing using the mesh like strainer none of the broccoli would go down the drain but the water would have a much more difficult time draining also. By restricting the air flow in your HVAC system during the cooling season it could cause your air conditioner to freeze up, a motor to burn out, or cause other costly repairs.

During the winter months it is equally important to mind the frequency of changing your filters because of the increase in germs and illness. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, humidity during the summer months is denser than germs therefore creating a ceiling between us and the germs, preventing sickness. In the winter months when the humidity is lacking there is no protective barrier which is why people get sick more frequently. Much like the air conditioner your heater pulls air from the inside of your home, goes through the filter, heats it, and then pushes it through the ventilation to each of the rooms in your home. Therefore if someone in your home gets sick, the germs continue to cycle through your ventilation time and time again. Changing your filters will aid in reducing the longevity of a germ induced illness and prevent it from reinfecting that person as well as others. Changing your filters regularly during the heating season will also help to prevent costly repairs.

About the Author: Summit Heating and Air Conditioning LLC specializes in the maintenance, repair, and installation of HVAC systems including but not limited to boilers, heat pumps, and Geothermal systems. We also have affordable solutions for all your water heater, pool heater, and duct repair needs. With over 25 years industry experience, NATE Certification, and BBB accreditation you can put your trust in Summit to get the job done right! When looking for a company to handle all of your HVAC needs look no further – call the experts that care! Call Summit Heating and Air Conditioning LLC at (302) 378-1203 or visit our website at

Delaware Heating - Air Conditioning


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