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Get Your RV Ready for Summer

Spring is here. How do we get our camper ready for the new season?

Now that spring is here, the first thing that you will want to perform is “de-winterization”. This covers the following:

1. Remove all anti-freeze from your plumbing and perform a water pressure check. You will want to make sure that all anti-freeze has been cleared from the system. And don’t forget to open the water heater by-pass valve.

2. Clean out you burner assemblies for your water heater, refrigerator, and furnace. Many insects love to make their homes in these nice little hiding places.

3. Clean out all air conditioning filters, and water filters.

4. Start ALL of your appliances to check for proper operation and check the lights for any that are burned out.

5. Check caulking around the entire camper. Most of us think of the roof, but don’t forget to check around windows and compartment doors.

6. Check tire pressure. Properly inflated tires improve safety and gas mileage.

7. Re-grease your bearings every 7,000 miles! This is very important.

The final step in preparation for the new camping season is to make sure you have an adequate supply of RV essentials like RV toilet tissue and RV chemicals for the holding tanks and for cleaning.

Delaware is a great place to vacation and camping can create a dream vacation. At Delaware Camping Center, we help make dreams come true.

About the Author: Delaware Camping Center has all of the supplies and accessories you need for the new season. And for our friends from DelawareOnTheWeb, we will perform the de-winterization for a flat fee $42.50. (Offer good through May 15th 2008.) For more please check us out at or call us at 888-275-CAMP(2267).


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