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Child Safety in Delaware


Baby Sherlock
The Baby Safety Inspectors
725 Blackbird Landing Rd, Townsend, Delaware 19734

My Family CD of Delaware --› Quick Tips
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Townsend, Delaware

Amber Alert
A site by the Department of Justice that provides information on AMBER alerts, Public Service Announcements, a child safety guide, news, and a toolkit for raising awareness about missing children.

Good Knight Child Empowerment Network
To empower the children of the world and awaken the victorious child within us all by instilling the knowledge and awareness for self-protection, and the inspiration to champion others.

McGruff the Crime Dog and pal, Scruff, bring ideas about kids staying safe through safety puzzles, games, and coloring pages.
An interactive way of teaching young people how to recognize dangers and increase self-confidence whenever they go online.

The Polly Klass Foundation
Making America safe for all children
Making the Internet and Technology fun, safe and productive

Screamin' Kids
Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Safe... Self protection tips for kids of all ages

Child Safety Advice from the Experts

My Family CD and The Safety Coalition provide expert advice and resources to families, schools and law enforcement. Here are some questions and tips for keeping your family safe.

1. Do you teach children their address and phone number? Your children should know their phone number, with area code and their full address in case they get separated from you.

2. What should a child do if they’re lost in a store? Your child should find another Mommy but never leave the store or location.

3. What should a child do if a stranger asks for help? RUN; your child should find you or a trusted adult. Grown-ups never need real help from children

4. Is it ever OK for a child to yell or scream? YES, children should be taught the right times to scream and yell.

5. Do you have an easily accessible photo of your child? YES, you should always have a recent photo on hand, digital format if possible.

6. Does your child know what number to call in an emergency? 911, to call the police in an emergency.

7. Does your child have a safe password that only you know? YES, you should have a word that only you and your children know. You will only share this with someone in an emergency so your children will know it came from you.

8. Do you have all of your emergency info on hand? YES, you should always have your vital information on hand to aid in quick response by authorities

Get to know all of your child's friends, as well as their parents. Always carry a list of their names, phone numbers and addresses with you.

Keep an updated photo of your child with you at all times.

Know where your children are at all times. Never leave them unattended in a public place.

Small children should never be allowed to use a public restroom by themselves.

Get to know your neighbors and explore the neighborhood with your child.

Obtain background screening information on anyone who will have unsupervised access to or custody of your child.

Be alert to anyone paying an unusual amount of attention to your child or giving them inappropriate or expensive gifts.

Monitor your child's Internet activities. Keep the computer in a common area of the home so that it is out in the open, rather than in their bedroom.

Provide your child a "safe haven" by creating an atmosphere of trust and support in the home.

Make sure he or she knows they can always count on you!

About the Author: Jennifer Hawkins is a local franchise owner for My Family CD International Mrs. Hawkins is also the National Law Enforcement Coordinator for My Family CD, implementing custom programs for police departments across the nation

Child Safety in Delaware



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