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Delaware Home Additions


Endeavor Consulting and Construction
General Contracting and residential home repair and remodeling
153 New Granville Rd, Wilmington, Delaware 19808

First State Inc
New World Style with Old World Craftmanship
289 Airport Rd, New Castle, Delaware 19720

Foraker Construction
Residential renovations and remodeling including additions, decks, kitchens...
123 Rolling Rd, Newark, Delaware 19713

Integrity Remodeling by Design
We can even maximize your living space or create a beautiful new addition to your home. Our design specialists will provide you with multiple options to help turn your dream vision into your home!
100 Greenhill Avenue, Suite E, Wilmington, DE 19805

Marshall Construction
Custom sheds, decks, pool houses and additions
323 Jaymar Blvd, Newark, DE 19702

Mazzola Construction
Iron Hill, Newark, Delaware 19702

Sheridan Construction
Home Improvements & Custom Carpentry
PO Box 5342, Wilmington, Delaware 19808

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Kent County

Coastal Construction --› Quick Tips
See us for reliable roofing, siding, decks and additions.
427 Main St, Dover, Delaware 19901


Sussex County

Gotcha Covered
Full Service Remodeling
P.O. Box 475, 103 Main St, Ellendale, DE 19941

Parker Enterprises, Ltd.
Lifestyle Design Center
22277 Lewes-Georgetown Hwy, Georgetown, DE 19947


Home Additions Advice from the Experts

So you’ve decided you need an addition to your home? You probably already know that you’ve tackled one of the most expensive home improvement projects you could choose. But, that’s not a bad thing! On average, we’ve observed that every dollar spent on an addition is worth an average of two dollars to the value of a home.

The basic rule is that size dictates price. The more square footage you want, the more money you’ll spend. So how much space do you need? Here is the first question you should ask yourself. Why you are building the new addition?

Additions are used for many purposes, but can be as small as a bathroom/laundry room. Larger additions expand family living space. Only you know what your family requires.

Tip #1 - To keep your addition tightly budgeted - only build what you need.

Important Tip #2! Make sure you have the property needed to build the addition. “Set-backs” are a sometimes a hang-up for urban homeowners. The Planning and Inspections Department of your county or city will have distance requirements from the property line. Building permits are issued by that department. The City of Dover, Delaware is happy to answer questions at (302) 736-7010.

If you don’t have enough space to build “out” from your home, consider building “up.” A two-story addition is generally no more expensive than a one story addition. Most addition contractors charge by the square foot. So, if you add two floors instead of one, you’ll still have the square footage you need, at about the same price.

A quick note about basic addition construction: Contractors must build footings, foundations, framed floors, roof and walls, to building codes. The codes are fairly standard and controlled by the county or city. Also, contractors have regular windows, doors, siding and roofing products they plan to use. If you, the homeowner, don’t have special requirements, you will receive a quote based on a standard addition. However, upgrades are another matter.

Upgrades drive your cost up. Most homeowners don’t think about how upgrades, i.e. elaborate windows and doors, can affect price. But any upgrade from the basic formula, may surprise the homeowner with a significant cost difference. Think about your flooring requirements, electrical fixtures and/or plumbing fixtures. Are you planning to make your addition a showpiece or get the most for your money?

Tip #3 - Balance what you want against your budget. GENERALLY SPEAKING, additions cost from $75/square foot to $150/square foot. So use an average of $90/square foot and multiply that with the area of the addition you require. That will give you a working number to create your budget. Example: At $90/square foot, a 10’x16’ (or 160 square foot) addition would cost about $14,400 dollars.

Last tip – a good contractor will make building an addition much easier. Choose wisely! Remember that the cheapest price is not always the best value.

About the Author: John Carter, Coastal Construction, 20+ years experience in residential and commercial construction. See the website for extensive information on credentials and project examples at Email John with questions at
john [at] or call 302-346-3475.

Delaware Home Additions


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