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All Clean Floor Care
One Call Cleans It All!...carpet, tile and grout, wood, vinyl, & more
431 Vanier Dr, Newark, Delaware 19711

Keep your carpets looking there best
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Dust Away Cleaning Services, Inc.
We provide janitorial, maid service, carpet cleaning, and floor strip and wax. Please call for a free estimate.
700 Cornell Drive, Suite E-1, Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Rainbow International of New Castle
Specializes in carpet, upholstery and hard surface (tile and grout) cleaning services.
Wilmington, Delaware

Seven Days Carpet Cleaning
In a matter of a few hours, using the famous "Dry-Foam method, we can revive your carpets beauty and freshness.
26 2nd Ave, Wilmington, DE 19808

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner
31 Southgate Boulevard, New Castle, DE 19720

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Sussex County

Hot Steam Carpet Clean
Carpet * Tile * Upholstery * Dryer Vent Cleaning
23256 Horse Island Rd, Lewes, Delaware 19958


Carpet Cleaning Advice from the Experts

Why Do Your Carpets Seem to Re-soil so Quickly After Having Them Cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning Essentials

The question we are asked most frequently by new customers is: "Why do my carpets seem to re-soil so quickly and more severely after I clean them with my home cleaning system or after I have had them cleaned?"

When you use an off the shelf home carpet cleaning system you are assuming that the pre-packaged cleaning solution was made for your carpet. At this point, the most frequent problems are; the solution does not get properly diluted, it is not manufactured for "your" type of carpet.

If it is diluted too thin, then very little cleaning will occur. The tendency then is to over wet the carpet causing it to stay wet for more than 24 hours. After 24 - 36 hours mildewing can occur.

If it is under diluted then cleaning will occur but there is a great chance that the carpet will not be thoroughly rinsed and a residue will remain. This residue will then act like a magnet and attract and hold soiling components into the fibers. The end result, quick resoiling after cleaning.

The key to a long lasting clean appearance is that the proper cleaning solution is utilized. Given the differences in the way carpets are manufactured and the fibers used not every will react positively to the generic off the shelf cleaning solutions.

Carpet Cleaning professionals are trained to identify carpet types and construction. For instance, you would not use the same cleaning solution to clean most BERBER carpets as you would a Nylon Cut Pile carpet. What would you use if your carpet were wool or even cotton?

Professional Carpet cleaners are trained to identify fibers and solutions and carry up to 50 different cleaning solutions for nearly every carpet type.

Lest we forget, there are many new environmental laws governing chemical use and disposal. Many of the off the shelf cleaning solutions and those used by many Cleaning companies are not rated environmentally friendly. It may not be legal to flush the dirty water accumulated after using your home cleaning system or to pour it out across the lawn.

Because of new Environmentally friendly laws, many cleaners are using EPA approved solutions and techniques like true steam cleaning and vaporizing. The best friend your carpets will ever have is a professional carpet cleaner trained to treat it correctly and effectively.

About the Author: Tim Brown is the General Manager at Dirt Vaporizing Cleaning Co.

Carpet cleaning can be essential to prevent allergens and prolong the lifetime of the carpet. If the carpet has limited soil stains or color stains you can opt to do it yourself. This could keep costs down, but for heavy restoration and extra soil, you will need a professional service. Most companies use a mount truck. This method allows the water to reach high temperatures to help loosen the dirt and powerfully extract the water. For restoration carpet cleaning, hot water extraction will not suffice. Scrubbing the carpet fibers to agitate them without damaging the carpet would be necessary. Most companies charge extra for this. But regardless of the methods, a clean looking carpet will make your home feel like 'home'.

About the Author: Carpet Tech - Alphonso Cazorla
Apple Cleaning Systems LLC, Newark DE, (302) 368-7507

Delaware Carpet Cleaners


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