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Abundant Solutions, LLC
Business Debt Arbitration/Negotiation and Settlement
PO Box 807, Wilmington, Delaware 19899

Brian Petrone Judgment Enforcement & Collection Agency
If we can't find 'em, St. Peter's got 'em.
4735 Ogletown Stanton Rd, Newark, Delaware 19701

Byron & Davis Collection Agency
No Collection...No Fee!
246 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, Delaware 19809

Collection Agency Transworld Systems
Collect the money owed to you for $13.99 or less per invoice or bill
3505 Silverside Rd, Plaza Centre Bldg, Suite 205, Wilmington, DE 19810

Hospital Billing & Collection
118 Lukens Dr, New Castle, Delaware 19720

Simm Associates Inc.
200 Biddle Ave, Newark, Delaware 19702

Stabler & Associates, Inc.
We collect accounts that are 30 days and older. We have over 30 years experience. Improve your bottom line today.
4142 Ogletown-Stanton Rd, PO Box 253, Newark, DE 19713

Stephens & James, Inc.
We are the Commercial Collections and Accounts Receivable Specialists
97 Maplehurst Drive, Smryna, Delaware 19977

Kent County

Andrews & Scott Inc
We are a professional full service commercial collection agency. Your Partner In Collections.
195 Captain Davis Dr, Camden-Wyoming, Delaware 19934

Commercial Recovery Group, Inc.
Commercial Debt Recovery
1012 State College Rd, Suite 203, Dover, Delaware 19904

James Stevens & Daniels Inc.
One of the fastest growing privately owned commercial collection agencies...
1283 College Park Dr, Dover, Delaware 19904


Sussex County

Adams and Winters, P.A. --› Quick Tips
We're the Watchdogs for YOUR Money!
30747 W. Lagoon Rd. Suite A, Dagsboro, Delaware 19939

Bunting & Associates
Bunting & Associates "Your Partner in Collections" We are a professional full service collection agency.
7349 Marshall St, Lincoln, Delaware 19960

Hamilton & Monroe
We are a full-service commercial collections agency.
P.O. Box 798, Seaford, DE


Collections Advice from the Experts

You find that one company (or usually more!) are not paying their bills. They have received your products or services but you have not been paid for them!

Most companies have a bookkeeper or an in-house collection person in their credit department make telephone calls, send invoices (repeatedly!), send demanding letters, etc. This takes a lot of that person’s valuable time. If a threat is made and is not carried through, all credibility is lost. This time could have been better spent contacting the customers who do pay instead of chasing the debtors who will not pay. A “debtor” is definitely not a “customer.”

There are some basic danger signals that can tell a firm when the customer has crossed the line and has become a debtor. First, the money owed does not arrive by the due date. Then the debtor ignores or refuses to accept phone calls. The debtor may make promises to pay, but fails to keep them. The debtor has agreed to make partial payments until the bill(s) is paid - but doesn’t. Then the debtor refuses all contact, including certified/registered letters. The company finds that he is no longer buying their products/services but that their competitor is calling them for a credit reference on him. He’s buying from a competitor but using their money to do so! Some debtors will falsely and unjustly claim that the products/services were defective and therefore, do not have to pay for them. The debtor may also say that he simply can’t pay because his debtor hasn’t
paid him. This situation is not your problem. If all companies did that, you’d soon be seeing a bankruptcy attorney!

If the account is 120+ days old, it is a problem account. When these things happen, time becomes your biggest enemy. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that you will never get your money. According to the Commercial Collection Agency Association, the chance of recovering a delinquent account is about 90% at 1 month but only about 52% at 6 months. If the account gets to 12 months, the chance of recovery is only about 22% and at 24 months, it drops to about 9%. Time is of the essence!

Some debtors have been good customers in the past and you feel that they may become so again, in the future. Customers are not all that easy to come by in this economy. But, how do you get your money without offending him so that he’ll consider doing business with you when he is back on his feet financially? This is a tricky situation. Few people know how to handle it. If your in-house collector gets “nasty” (in his opinion), he’s gone forever. If you send the account to an attorney, several negative events will occur. You’ll have to pay the attorney, whether or not he ever collects any money for you, to have him or his secretary send the same basic letters that you’ve already sent. If necessary, the attorney can sue and obtain a judgment. However, how often have you ever actually received cash from a judgment? Of course, by now, your debtor is really offended and will most certainly never do business with you again. Meanwhile, more money has been wasted by paying the attorney and more precious time has been lost.

If you don’t ever want to do business with this debtor, the hard tactics taken by your people will simply make him even more determined not to pay. He won’t take your measures seriously. The bottom line when dealing with a serious debtor, is that you probably will never recover the money owed to your firm.

About the Author: Marie Winters Sr V.P., Adams and Winters, P.A., 20 yrs experience in collection and recruiting field.

Adams & Winters, P.A. is a national and international commercial debt recovery agency. What makes our firm a bit different is the fact that we are usually able to take a soft or audit-type approach, which enables us to salvage our clients’ customers, if they wish. If not, we are able to use many hard or aggressive techniques. We pride ourselves on our communication with our clients. We provide an alternative option to using litigation and no money is ever charged if the debts are not collected.

Web site:
Contact: mwinters [at]


Delaware Collection Agencies



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